Formed in Ottawa, ON in late 2017, Baxter Coyote is what happens when the power of the Internet sparks the ability to connect like-minded musicians searching for a similar sonic sound.


Ottawa-based musicians Graham Machacek (bass) and Matt Salvatore (guitar) had known each other for several years through mutual friends and were looking to form a band that was open to writing and performing original material based on a mutual love of 90s alternative rock. An ad in a local online musicians forum immediately led them to vocalist Korey Purdy, a singer/songwriter originally from Timmons, ON whose love for Soundgarden is only outpaced by his ability to craft thoughtful lyrics and catchy hooks. The final piece of the puzzle was to find a drummer who could keep time better than a Swiss watch. Enter Justin Byers, a human metronome from Cardinal ON, who always finds the groove. The band cites influences ranging from Nirvana to Kings of Leon. The result is Baxter Coyote.


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